Thursday, January 15, 2015

Boyd Joins Silva Aboard "Team Blue" Stübben Saddles!!

Stübben's history is rooted in a family tradition of hard work and high quality craftsmanship. Founded in 1894, the company reflects the diversity and individuality of the European continent and of European culture.  Despite historical events through the years, including two world wars, Stübben has thrived to the point of worldwide acclaim and remains a family business. They are proud of our past and feel a strong yearning to preserve their heritage of quality and innovation.

Stübben's product offering has grown through the years too, and now includes many different styles of saddles, leather goods, and accessories for the discriminating equestrian.

Recent developments from the company include the Biomex Seat Design and Equi-Soft, which greatly reduces a rider's back pain. Long renowned for their diversity in saddle models and their ability to fit almost any horse's back, they now have a selection of softer sleeker saddles to accommodate all riders tastes.

Riders who have employed Stübben's products have garnered countless national and international championships, including numerous Olympic medals. Stübben products are reknown for their meticulous craftsmanship, long-lasting performance, and their utmost concern for the horse.

Boyd joined Team Blue in 2015 and is thrilled with his horse's performance in Stübben's line of saddles. "My new Stübben saddles really stay in place even on my biggest moving horses. I'm impressed with how comfortable my horses are and I find the balance to be perfect for me."

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We welcome
Boyd Martin to our family of riders


My new Stübben saddles, like this Zaria Optimum, really stay in place even on my biggest moving horses. I'm impressed with how comfortable my horses are and I find the balance to be perfect for me." - Boyd Martin, USA Olympic and WEG 3 day event rider.

Boyd Martin’s list of accomplishments include membership on the 2012 Olympic 3-day event team, 2010, 2014 World Equestrian Games team, ranked 7th by the FEI for 2014 to name a few.  We welcome the challenge of helping Boyd and his horses to great successes in 2015 and beyond.

Welcome to Team Blue, Boyd!  ~ Stübben North America

Monday, January 12, 2015

Silva Rides in Jackie Brooks Clinic

I rode three of my horses in a clinic with 2x Canadian Olympic team member Jackie Brooks at Peter Barry's beautiful farm yesterday. I have never trained with Jackie before, but Lillian Heard was organizing for her to come to Aiken and I have listened to her lessons before and was very impressed. Of course I have seen her ride many times and that is always awesome.

I rode Faye Woolf's Aesthete; Stately is one of my favourite horses in the world and I could not be happier for him to be back and fighting fit!!! I am going to stay quiet about him though, because I do not want to get too excited before the season starts.

Of course I had my main girl Rosa Cha W in the clinic. Rosa was tired from her big week of training, but like usual she tried as hard as she could for me and I am so happy with how she is going and developing. I'm getting pretty excited about this upcoming season!

I also rode a new horse for me: Saphira is a very special mare , owned by John McGuire and Marilyn Johnson. She is very, very special and it is so fun to see the relationship between John and Saphira, and I feel very fortunate to ride and train her. I will be starting to show her in Wellington and I am so happy about that.
Saphira has been trained beautifully by Heather McCarthy from Chicago .

I loved the help that Jackie gave me with my horses; I think she had some very good input and I am very glad that I participated. My horses are ready for Wellington and I am excited to start where I left off before my accident.