Monday, January 12, 2015

Silva Rides in Jackie Brooks Clinic

I rode three of my horses in a clinic with 2x Canadian Olympic team member Jackie Brooks at Peter Barry's beautiful farm yesterday. I have never trained with Jackie before, but Lillian Heard was organizing for her to come to Aiken and I have listened to her lessons before and was very impressed. Of course I have seen her ride many times and that is always awesome.

I rode Faye Woolf's Aesthete; Stately is one of my favourite horses in the world and I could not be happier for him to be back and fighting fit!!! I am going to stay quiet about him though, because I do not want to get too excited before the season starts.

Of course I had my main girl Rosa Cha W in the clinic. Rosa was tired from her big week of training, but like usual she tried as hard as she could for me and I am so happy with how she is going and developing. I'm getting pretty excited about this upcoming season!

I also rode a new horse for me: Saphira is a very special mare , owned by John McGuire and Marilyn Johnson. She is very, very special and it is so fun to see the relationship between John and Saphira, and I feel very fortunate to ride and train her. I will be starting to show her in Wellington and I am so happy about that.
Saphira has been trained beautifully by Heather McCarthy from Chicago .

I loved the help that Jackie gave me with my horses; I think she had some very good input and I am very glad that I participated. My horses are ready for Wellington and I am excited to start where I left off before my accident.

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