Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tough Day in the Irons at Fair Hill

Yesterday Armani IV, known around the barn as George, did a reasonably good dressage for a green horse. The trot was good but the canter got a little exciting, especially when we tried to do a flying change, which looked like a rodeo movement! Then he settled and did the test well to the end. We scored a 64, leaving us about three quarters of the way through the field.

The cross-country course was brilliantly built; it’s always a long, grueling course that not only has big, technical fences but the landscape is such that you’re always going up or down a hill which makes it a big physical test of the horse. George is a very big jumping horse and I had a great feel over the first section of the course.

We jumped the first real tough and testing combination, the double corners, and he jumped the first corner brilliantly and then was a little green getting three strides to the next corner. We both misread it a little bit and bumped into the flag. We took the option after that and kept going on course, and started to get to know each other through the middle of the course.

We got through the touch accuracy and turning question in the ring plus the coffin, and then at the water we jumped in well enough but again misread the angling brush out, where he ducked out on me for the second time on course. Even though he was jumping the majority of fences pretty well I decided to throw up the white flag and retire.

It’s a long, lonely walk back from cross-country when you’ve retired but I think this horse has a big future ahead of him. He’s got a good jump but it’s just a bit green for this level at the moment. I think the best plan with him is to give him a little break, regroup and go back to basics for a while with his usual rider Erin Sylvester and hopefully have a promising next year.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Boyd's Response to the Chronicle Forums

Dear Readers:

There has been an outpouring of both criticism of and support for Boyd's October 6 blog post, "Reflections on My First WEG Experience". Most of this has taken place on the Chronicle of the Horse Forum, where Boyd responded to his critics with the post that you find below. Also, here is a link to the page on the forum where Boyd's response appears:

Boyd and I discussed whether to post his original blog entry, and he was clear that he did not want to sugar coat his thoughts and feelings. While not everyone agrees with what Boyd has to say, it cannot be denied that his comments have opened a very candid discussion, which is the first step to making any positive changes in our sport. Three-day eventing is constantly evolving, and it is the passionate response of its supporters and open lines of communication with riders at all levels, from grassroots competitors to Olympians, that will keep the sport and its athletes adapting and thriving. Many thanks to all of Boyd's outspoken supporters, and let's hope that something worthwhile results from all of this discussion.

-Amber Heintzberger

Oct. 7, 2010, 05:46 PM
Boyd Martin

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Let's Clear a few things up....
Hey Guys.... I thought I might make a quick post to clear a few things up.

Before I start, maybe check out my blog on my website: and read my last entry. I think it's worth reading the complete letter to get a full understanding on what message I am trying to get across....

The message was basically a big thank you to everyone who has helped me get to the WEG.... including my loving wife Silva, who took care of paying all our bills while I was unable to earn anything while training at Wellington, Virginia, Atlanta and Kentucky with team training sessions trying to get the best performance out of Neville for last week at the WEG. Without her working around the clock, earning money to pay for my training time, I would not of been able to do what I did. I felt she deserved a thanks.

The other point I want to make is that I was born an American, with a US passport in Australia. I have been paying taxes here in the US for the last 30 years. The reason I changed to be a US rider was I wanted to support the country and the system that I am benefiting from. I want to give back to this country and this system.

The thing that everyone is upset about is the opinion I gave regarding sending green, unproven 3 star combinations to Europe. We're talking $50,000 spent not only on 4 horses and riders, but airfares, accommodation, rental cars and high end restaurants for the managers, coaches and entourage that also chop into this fund. I feel that this $50,000 could benefit 15 developing riders attending a camp with Captain Mark Phillips prior to Fair Hill CCI 3 star or Galway Downs CCI 3 star. At the same time, we'd also be supporting top level American events and a lot more riders for the future.

The highest placed US horse at the WEG was Neville who was produced thanks to two 3 stars runs at Fair Hill. Neville and I have never competed in Europe, but still was rank the 10th at the WEG.

I absolutely hope that the guys heading to their 3 star next week do fantastic. Nothing would make me happier than seeing American glory at Boekelo. I would call Doug and Will two of my closest mates and I hope they clean up. Make no mistake, I am an American patriot who is voicing his opinion on what he hopes will make a medal-winning performance in 2 years time.

I think this is a healthy forum to throw out ideas of a better way of doing things. I feel very strongly that we can produce top 3 star performances here in our backyard and when it's time to abuse our limited traveling budget it should be used on 4 stars horses capable of a top 10 finish. We can get more bang for our buck and help a larger pool of riders by keeping the developing riders program here in the US.

This is my opinion and you are very entitled to disagree with it. To all the haters out there, at least try not to hide behind a fake name like Snoopy....

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Silva and Trot-Up at Fair Hill

I’d like to wish my beautiful wife Silva a happy birthday! 30 years ago this beautiful blond bombshell was born in Duesseldorf, Germany and 30 years later she’s happily living her dream of training horses here in the USA. Her parents Christa and Christoph are staying with us at the moment and have been here since the WEG; they leave for their homeland tomorrow.

Silva’s mum Christa and Boyd’s show cat Manny Pacquiao

Today the competition started with the first veterinary inspection at the Fair Hill CCI***. I was a late entry on Erin Sylvester’s 9-year-old thoroughbred gelding, Armani IV. This is a catch ride for me and the first competition I’ll have ridden him in. He’s a very talented young horse having his first crack at the big time; he’s still a little green in a few of the dressage movements and with some of the complicated cross-country questions, so I got the big call-up to see if I could hop on and do my best here, thanks to Erin.

Our dressage looks to be on late Friday afternoon and I’ve walked the cross-country and it looks a long, tough, intimidating course. Stay tuned for more! Scores will be available here.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

November Clinic at CS&W Farm, Clermont, NY

Boyd Martin
CS&W Farm
Clermont, NY
November 13 & 14, 2010 
(Saturday and Sunday)
Boyd Martin is a 4 star eventing competitor who has had a stellar career thus far.  He was shortlisted for the Australian Olympic team on two horses, Yin Yang Yo and Neville Bardos, and has consistently finished in the top rankings on the USEA Leader board since coming to the USA in 2007.  Since becoming a US citizen, Boyd has had great success competitively, recently finishing with a 4th place in team standings on Neville Bardos at the 2010 WEG in Kentucky. 
Boyd Martin is one of the best clinician who I have ridden with in a long time. People who ride with him feel they and their horses are challenged mentally and physically without being over faced.  He demonstrates imagination in the exercises he teaches, and explains techniques for both stadium and cross country clearly and logically. Both my horses have excelled during his clinics and I have incorporated many of his techniques into my riding program.  You don’t want to miss riding with Boyd!  
For Registration Form, please visit his website
Semi privates - $165.00 per day
Groups of 3 stadium – $125.00 per day
Groups of 4 for xc
Saturday 11/13- Flatwork combined with Gymnastics
Sunday 11/14 - Cross Country (weather permitting)
   or Stadium

Our XC includes Water/Ditches/Banks for levels BN-Prelim

Registration Form must be received with payments in full prior to clinic to reserve your spot.  Any questions call Claudia Winter @ 518-537-4417 or email

Listen to Holistic Horse Radio

The post interview show from the post WEG wrap up is ready to be heard!

Boyd Martin Talks Horse Health Fresh Off His WEG Appearance. 

Some more exciting news is that Boyd is now ranked 5th in the World on the FEI Rankings!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Maryland Horse Trials

Photos of Lillian Pink Courtesy of her owner Laurie Cameron

I had a fantastic weekend at the Maryland Horse Trials. After cruising around at WEG last weekend with just one horse I had my work cut out for me riding nine this weekend, with one in every class from beginner novice to intermediate.

It was Tricia Tripp's Oldenburg filly Serendipity's (Sempatico --Wrickster) first start and we finished second in beginner novice. My WEG reserve horse Remington XXV also finished second, in the intermediate. Summer Breeze, Charla and Ringwood Murphy all moved up a level. All in all it was a very successful weekend with all of the horses finishing without cross-country penalties, and the lowest placing of the bunch was sixth.

My only win was with Laurie Cameron's Lillian Pink who proved she is one of the most promising up and coming young horses by winning the open preliminary.


My rides included:

OI-A: Remington XXV, owned by Ron and Densey Juvonen, 2nd place with 39.6
OI-A: Charla, owned by Ron and Densey Juvonen, 7th place with 52.8
OP-A: Lillian Pink, owned by Laurie Cameron, 1st place with 31.8
OP-B: Ringwood Murphy, owned by George & Gretchen Wintersteen, 5th place with 35.4
OP-C: Shatzi W, owned by Windurra USA, LLC, 4th place with 32.7
OT-D: Summer Breeze W, owned by Anne Hennessey, 6th place with 33.10
ON-B: Steady Eddie, owned by the Wintersteens, 3rd place with 31.7
OBN-B: Serendipity, owned by Tricia Tripp, 2nd with 39.0


OI-C: Caitlin Silliman rode her own Catch a Star to 7th with 85.2
OT-B: Lillian Heard rode her own Ariel to 7th with 42.10
OT-F: Sarah Gumbiner rode Jane Banbuskrik's Child's Play to 10th with 50.80
ON-C: Lillian Heard rode Andrea Beech's Free to Gamble to 4th with 31.0