Friday, November 19, 2010

New Yorkers in Training!

I am lucky enough to have had two new horses in training arrive this week. Both horses come from the Millbrook area of New York and both look to have plenty of quality about them.
"Cagney Herself" is owned by this week's cover girl of The Chronicle of the Horse magazine, Bonnie Stedt. Cagney is an 8-year-old mare that is part Irish Sport Horse, part American Thoroughbred. She is a super mover with a really big jump! She is a close relation to Bonnie's Area 1 Training Champion, Clancy Himself. Cagney had done a little bit of eventing and some endurance before Bonnie took over the reins. The mare still feels a little green on the flat, but like her jump, she has plenty of natural ability. I am usually not a fan of heavier horses, but I must say this gal is light on her feet. I will be spending the next couple of weeks working on her balance on the flat and schooling her over training size fences.

Curtis, or "Party Boy", is owned by another Millbrook team: Fernanda Kellogg and Nick Meyers. Nick found this sleek, attractive thoroughbred and purchased him from Will Faudree. As far as I can gather, Will found Curtis on a racetrack in Texas. Nick had the horse in training last year and has done a top job working with him. Nick took his time with the gelding this year and did a number of successful novice horse trials with him. Curtis has a wonderful trot for the dressage, and a powerful jump with good technique. The first couple of days he has been a bit fresh and definitely feels like he has a serious engine under him. I will be focusing on Curtis's relaxation and balance in the dressage for the first few weeks.
It's exciting to have young, fresh, talented horses in the barn for training. Even when they are green horses I get a real joy in training them. It's a great time of the year to get to know them and start building a partnership with them.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 GAIG Championships VIDEOS

Here are the videos from the 2010 GAIG Championships

Monday, November 15, 2010

GAIG Championships Wrap Up

We finally finished our weekend in North Carolina and we are on our way home. Sea Lord finished the day with a good test in the Intermediaire 1 championships and we placed third with 65 percent.

Unfortunately Devon's horse Rembrandt was spooky in the coliseum this morning and they took sixth in the first level championships.

I was very excited about Lillian's mare Ariel receiving high score of the show with a seventy six percent!

Overall we had a great weekend. It was a beautiful facility with great weather all weekend and all of the horses did their best!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Continued Success at the GAIG Championships

Duvent did a great test in his Championship class and we finished reserve Great American Champion by 0.4% with 69.05%.
Ariel won her class today with 76% and got Hire Score Mare of the whole show.

Devon, on her horse Rembrandt, won the junior Great American Championship today with 72%! Devon has one more junior Championship class tomorrow and we are hoping she can finish this great weekend with one more win!