Friday, January 17, 2014

Windurra Eventing Crew in Aiken

We have an awesome group of horses in Aiken this year, that are being looked after by an awesome group of workers. This year I have hired a couple new people to assist Lindsey on the ground to make sure the horses are looked after magnificently. 

Team Windurra's Eventing Crew at Bridle Creek Farm
 At the moment my troops are still looking fresh. The weather is superb, and all of the horses are healthy and going well. We are all happy and grateful to be at Ilene Boorman's beautiful property in Bridle Creek, Aiken. 

The eventing season is set to fire up in a couple of weeks. We are all ready for action!

Boyd Martin

Sunday Clinic Schedule

9:00-11:00 Novice 

Katellyn Padgett

Savannah Walters

Alex Brown

Carter McInnis

Katie Olstrom

11:00-12:00 Preliminary/Intermediate  

Kirsten Biorge

Erin Flynn

12:00-12:30 LUNCH BREAK

12:30-2:30 Training/Preliminary

Rachel Wood

Kelly Rapucci

Kirstin Biorge

Katharine Knauz

Eric Dierks

2:30 - 4:30 Novice/Training  

Sam Firby

Katellyn Padgett

Erin Flynn

Eric Dierks

Susanna Hearne


There will be a registration tent by the arena where you are to sign your release forms and make payment for your ride.  All checks are to be made out to Trayce Doubek.  Negative Coggins must be brought to the event.

There will be designated places for car and trailer parking.  Please pay attention to the signs and park in appropriate places so we can keep the flow going for those coming in and going out.

Please leave your dogs at home!!! We are dog lovers and know that at a farms dogs are a norm BUT we prefer you do not bring them for liability reasons.  

Many thanks!  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Trayce Doubek-Dierks (864)325-5684

Renovatio Farms

1820 John Shehan Rd

Tryon NC,28782

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Silva and Rosa Cha W Invited to Dressage Pipeline Clinic in Wellington, FL

I hope everybody is having a great start to 2014. Rosa Cha W and I are doing great! Rosa is, as usual, improving every day. Her piaffe and passage are getting stronger and I cannot wait to get to Florida to work with Debbie McDonald and to start showing again!

Here is a little video of Rosa and I schooling the piaffe and passage:

I had a exciting phone call from the USEF High Performance office yesterday and found out that Rosa and I are invited to train in the USEF/USET Foundation Dressage Pipeline Clinic with the USEF Dressage Coaches. The clinic will be held on January 28th at the Global Dressage Center in Wellington, Florida.
I was planning on leaving Aiken on February 1st, but now have to adjust my plans since this is a great opportunity for Rosa and I. Scout and I will be making our way to Wellington with Rosa and four other horses on January 26th; Kymmy, Gracia and all other horses will be joining us on February 1st.

The Pipeline clinic is open for auditors . Of course I would love for any of you to come and watch us!



Boyd Martin Clinic in Tryon, NC this Sunday

Renovatio Farm

Boyd will be teaching a clinic
Sunday, January 19, at 
Trayce and Eric Dierks' Renovatio Farm in Tryon, NC. 

Space is still available! 

Contact Trayce at (864)325-5684 for a ride time.

Bunkhouse Christening Party at FoxFrolic Farm

My girls Kymmy, Scout and Gracia, and Taylor, Boyd's new girl on the Windurra Eventing team, got together with Fernanda's three guys and had a "Bunkhouse Christening" cocktail party at the new bunkhouse at FoxFrolic Farm in Aiken. Fernanda and Kirk bought the property behind FoxFrolic to extent the farm and it has a wonderful five-bedroom house, (The Bunkhouse), on it. My three girls and Taylor live upstairs and Fernanda's boys live downstairs. As you can imagine, Fernanda and Kirk have outdone themselves yet again, making the house absolutely amazing for our crew! It was a great party and I am very proud of my girls for putting on such a great feast! FoxFrolic is a wonderful place and we are very lucky that we are be able to work out of this farm . Thank you to Fernanda and Kirk !!!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Trading Aces' first dressage outing of 2014

 I took Oscar on his first outing for the year on Sunday at the Full Gallop dressage schooling show. He did the 4-star test B, which is this year's 4-star test. It was great to run him through this test off the farm. I was pretty happy with how he went; obviously we are a bit rusty at this point in the year but his changes are getting more and more confirmed. I believe he will be at a stage this year where he can put in some great scores on the flat.

 Boyd Martin

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ludwig Svennerstal's Blog about Shamwari

Ludwig Svennerstal wrote a nice "goodbye note" regarding the sale of Shamwari, which we would like to share:

Shamwari 4 has arrived in Aiken

After a marathon trip over from England, Shamwari has finally arrived in Aiken, SC. He looks in grand health and is enjoying the South Carolina sunshine here at Bridle Creek Farm in Aiken. After cruising around his paddock a couple of times he settled right down to eating grass, and I'm looking forward to getting him on track in the fitness program with my other four-star horses as soon as he's had a chance to catch up on some rest after traveling.