Thursday, March 13, 2014

Silva rehabilitating in FL in preparation for move to PA

Silva has relocated to the Pinecrest Rehab Center and is undergoing four or five hours of rehab every day: speech, occupational and physiotherapy. She’s very much looking forward to getting back to Pennsylvania. I drove home to Aiken through the night while Anne Laver stepped in at Silva’s bedside.

Silva’s mum Christa is arriving tomorrow from Germany and she’s going to meet up with Silva in Palm Beach. We are waiting for Silva’s neurosurgeon to give her the okay to travel, and as soon as she gets the all clear she and her mum will head up to PA to the Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern. From all reports that’s the number one place to get Silva back to 100%.

 At the moment she’s mentally sharp as a tack and her neurosurgeon assures me that as time goes on and the blood is reabsorbed into her body, her balance, sight and speech will improve. There’s no question it’s a pretty serious injury and will take time to heal, but if you give this kind of thing enough time things usually come back to 100%.

 Team Physician Mark Hart has been phenomenal throughout this ordeal – every day I’m in communication with Mark and he’s been brilliant at explaining what’s going on; he reads the scans and tells what we can expect. It’s great to have him advocating for us and supporting us through this experience.

 I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support of our group of owners and sponsors. Obviously we’re in for a rough time but we’ll be able to get through it thanks to an awesome group of people around us. 


School the Red Hills bogey fence at Bridle Creek Farm

Scalloped brush

A big thanks to my Canuck mate Lynden Gilker who helped out by recreating the brush corner that devastated the field at Red Hills last weekend. Linden showed plenty of good handyman work building a scallop-shaped hedge that a few of the horses had trouble understanding; anyone in Aiken who needs to school this fence, feel free to come over to Bridle Creek farm and have a cross-country school.Personally I feel it was a bit of an awkward-looking jump and the horses need to learn how to read it in schooling, rather than surprising them with it at the show.  Caitlin Silliman successfully schooled Remington over it this morning, mitigating their disappointment somewhat from last weekend.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sales Horses Still Available in Aiken


 Both SBW Eowyn  and New Cadet are still available for sale, and can be seen at Bridle Creek Farm in Aiken, SC. Please contact Caitlin Silliman to arrange to try either of them: 610 316 7318

Red Hills Videos of Trading Aces and Steady Eddie

Thanks to Denise Lahey of Stony Brook Horses for sharing these videos

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th Update on Silva

Silva's New Ride

I'm just off the phone with Boyd, who arrived late last night from Tallahassee and would like to reassure everyone that all is well at the Delray Medical Center, with Silva awake and in good spirits today. She is still feeling the effects of her injuries but is slowly but surely improving, and she was very excited to receive the keys to the new Mercedes that Boyd won a one-year lease for up at Red Hills this weekend.

PRO video interview from Red Hills