Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 Dressage at Lexington: Off to a Winning Start!

We are off to a great start at Dressage at Lexington!

Rosa Cha W won the final qualifier for the Developing Horse PSG Championships, which will take place at the Lamplight Equestrian Center near Chicago, August 22-25, 2013 . We won the class with 71.3%. Today Rosa and I are showing in the PSG Challenge. This is a big and very competitive class of 29 horses and we are scheduled last to go in the class.

Yesterday Zoran placed second in Fourth level test 1 with 69%. He was really good, considering he is so green at this level. Today Zoran will show in Third level test 3 .

Benefactor RRS showed in Second level test 3. This is Benny's second show at second level and he was his perfect self. We won the class with 70.9%, and today we are showing in Second level test 2.

Kymmy rode Billie Jean Haliday in training level test 2. I was very impressed with Billie; this is her second show ever and she was such a good girl. Kymmy rode a very good test to finish third on a score of 66% and today they will show in training 2 again. Billie is for sale and is going to be such a great horse for an amateur!

Gracia and Colin did well in third level test 3. They finished second on 63.8%. Colin is also for sale and suitable for a amateur or young rider. Today they are showing in fourth level test 1.  


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Friday, July 12, 2013

Latest Evention Episode

Please watch the latest Evention TV episode on how to train your OTTB (Part 3). The most entertaining part is at about seven and a half minutes, at which point Dom tries his hand at singing. This is hysterical and a bit concerning - it looks to me like there could be some marital problems between Jimmie and Dom... Very entertaining stuff!



Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thanks PFI For A Great Jumper Show!

We want to thank Dennis Glaccum, Bambi and entire crew at Plantation Field Horse Trials who were good enough to put on their 1st jumper show of year yesterday, giving riders the opportunity to compete in their amazing jumping ring. 

Dennis built a very forward flowing course, which was extremely inviting for the younger green horses, and challenged the upper level horses who jumped in the early evening.

The majority of the proceeds from yesterday schooling event will be contributed towards one of America's best CIC horse trials which is held here each September.  Each year Plantation Field International continues to evolve, with this year looking like it's going to be bigger and more thoroughly supported by our community and some exciting new sponsors!

The ring we jumped in yesterday is used for both the dressage & show jumping phases during the international event.  It was great to see a lot of local riders out there schooling their young horses in a ring which will host international level competition this fall!  Be sure to come out and enjoy the big event September 20 - 22nd this year.

~ Boyd

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Silva Qualifies Oscar and Otis for Dressage at Devon

Silva, Otis and Oscar qualified for Dressage at Devon last week at Blue Goose Dressage! She and Otis won at 4th level with a score of 73% and she finished second with Trading Aces on 70%. 

These two horses are still eventers first and foremost, and the plan is for both of them to run at Plantation Field Horse Trials the weekend before DAD, so time will tell whether they strut their stuff at the biggest dressage show of the year in the USA.

In any case it's a big deal for them to do so well in pure dressage! Boyd is hoping once he's back to full health that all of Silva’s training will be a huge help in dominating the dressage phase at the three-day events, and gives his not-so-secret weapon, Silva, full credit for keeping the horses in training while he's been laid up. 

Meanwhile Boyd has been riding without stirrups for a while now and is currently up to schooling every other horse with his feet in the irons. Look for Boyd's return to competition in a couple of week at Fitch's Corner, where he'll pilot a couple of levelheaded youngsters around to get back in the game. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Great Scores for Young Horses at Maryland H.T.

Caitlin piloted three of the young event horses around the Maryland Horse Trials over the weekend and as usual gave each of them a superb ride.

In Open Novice A Fergus Himself scored 36.10 and Ringo Star scored 37.9, and in ON-B, Jones scored 33.10. Each of these fantastic, promising young horses is for sale and Caitlin gave them each just the ride they need to gain experience so that they will be in great shape for their future owners.

For more information about these horses see our Sales Page or feel free to give Boyd a call at 610-806-2381