Friday, November 8, 2013

Course Map for Saturday's Schooling Jumper Show!

Come join us for our last schooling jumper show of the 2013 season!!  Marc Donovan has once again designed a fun yet challenging course for Beginner Novice through Intermediate level jumpers.

Here's a sneak peek at the course.  Division times below.  $25/round.  See you tomorrow!!

Sales Horse Billie Jean Halliday Excels in Hunt Field

Billie Jean Halliday is turning into a fantastic horse, seasoned in all the equestrian disciplines. Billie came to us six months ago and has competed successfully in official dressage with Silva’s girls, and we’ve stared her promising jumping career. Yesterday she behaved very well in her first hunt with Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds, taking it all in stride.

Billie is only five years old and has a bright future ahead of her. Priced at $12,000, she would make a fantastic horse for someone on a limited budget who would like to do a bit of everything. She’s a 16.1 Holsteiner/TB mare and a lovely type - she’s beautiful to hack out and shows plenty of promise in the jumping. For more information see her page on our website.

For anyone interested in trying Billie please contact Caitlin: 610-316-7318.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

High Aspirations

I’m happy to report that High Aspirations is coming along nicely in his training and looks ready take it to the next level in 2014. Maretta Sonn and Carolyn Blitz own this stunning four-year-old Irish gelding by the Irish Sport Horse stallion Brandenburg’s Windstar, bred by Phyllis Dawson. This year “Aiden” has progressed from being a wild, boisterous teenager into a somewhat mature athlete. He’s been successfully competing at novice level in 2013 and I’m looking forward to starting him at training level next year. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Linda Brown: Silva's Secret Fitness Weapon

Sivla's trainer Linda Brown running a race

I'd like to give a shout-out to Linda Brown, my personal trainer, who keeps me fit and strong so that I can give my horses my best. I obviously ride a lot of horses, which keeps you fit to ride but isn’t necessarily good for your body – I have a bad back and make an effort to work on core strength to support my back and other muscles. 

I go twice a week to Linda and she’s a great help because she used to be a racehorse trainer herself and understands riders well. She’s also worked with a lot of well-known riders over the years. I think it’s important to balance your fitness with exercise other than riding, especially if you don’t ride enough horses to stay fit, or even if you ride a lot of horses like I do, which only develops your riding muscles and not the other ones required to balance your strength.  

For me, because I have a weak back, especially my lower back, I have to make sure my stomach/core is strong. We do a lot of different exercises for strength,: sit-ups, crunches, planking, all that stuff, and at the end we do a lot of stretching, which is also important for riders. The two times a week that I go in is hard enough to make the time for, but I go religiously every Monday and Wednesday, in the afternoon after the horses have been ridden.

The girls that work with me also work out with Linda because I really believe you can become a much better rider if you take care of yourself. I think it’s important to be as strong as your horse, and riding alone doesn’t make you fit enough.

Linda also makes a whole plan for me to keep going during the winter when we go to Aiken. I miss her when I'm away - I like working with Linda because she’s fun and entertaining, and it makes it easier to do all this hard work!

Linda works out of her home in Coatesville, PA. Anyone interested in training with her can contact her at 484-368-7739.


Video of Benefactor RRS at BLM Championships

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jumper Show At Windurra Saturday 11/9!!

Come join us for another fun day of stadium schooling on our fabulous Atwood Equestrian footing!!  The first two schooling shows were a huge success, so come out for some great stadium jumping in the beautiful fall sunshine.

No pre-entries required.  Times listed above.  $25 per round!

BLM Videos and Thanks to Silva's Girls!

I could not be prouder of Rosa's little daughter, Hannah. She looked absolutely amazing this
weekend. I am so excited for her future and to see her step into her mother's footsteps.
As you can tell from Scout's blogs, she does not like to talk about her own riding.  After watching the video of Hannah and Scout , I don't even have to say much. This kid is 19 years old and is doing an unbelievable job with this young, (let's say "strong minded"), mare. Thank you to Scout for doing the dirty work for me!

I have said many times before how lucky I am to be able to train such fantastic horses but I am also extremely lucky with my three girls: Kymmy, Gracia and Scout. I could not do what I do and win what I win without them helping me. These three girls are the most hard working people you will ever meet, and most of all, they have my back at all times -- not only the good times.
Thank you, girls, for a fantastic year!!!!!

-Silva Features Boyd Judging Dressage at Plantation Field Starter Trials

EN Correspondent Colleen Peachey was at the Plantation Field Starter Horse Trials this past weekend, and was surprised to see Boyd hanging out at "A", judging the dressage.  She blogged about it on's what she had to say: 

From Colleen:

Now that November has arrived, most folks have come to expect things like colorful fall foliage, pumpkin-spice flavored everything and Thanksgiving coming up just around the corner. However, for those of us in the eventing community of Chester County, Pa., it means our season is winding down, and the last few starter trials of the year are being held.
Just this past weekend, I volunteered at the starter trial sat Plantation Field in Unionville. It was an absolutely picturesque day — crisp weather, rolling hills, beautiful trees, well-groomed horses riders in costumes and … wait, was that Boyd Martin? No, I wasn’t just seeing things. Boyd himself attended the Plantation Fields Starter Trials, putting in a guest appearance as a dressage judge.

Continue Reading...

Wrapping Up a Winning CBLM Championship Weekend

The CBLM Championships have come to an end, and the Silva Martin team is currently recovering from a winner winner chicken FEAST. Silva was clearly sipping on the awesome sauce all weekend, finishing champion of the 1st.. 2nd.. 3rd.. annnd 4th level divisions on Benny, Duvent, and Zoom, and won High Point Hanoverian on Benny!!!!!!! I think it is safe to say that Melinda and Larry have bred, and continue to breed, some pretty spectacular horses; congratulations, guys!  Silva also won the 3rd level open show on Mikey, and the best seat award of the entire championship on Benny. whoop, whoop! 

Michelle and her girls also finished strong, with Michelle and Roni winning their 4th level division! They were brilliant this weekend, and make us feel lucky to be surrounded by such impressive riders. 

Kymmy showed off why she is a true professional this weekend, winning both classes with her four-year-old Woody, and finding herself in the winner's circle on Hayden after both showings. Hayden had another beautiful go on Sunday. The exciting part is this is just the beginning to his and Kymmy's exciting future together. 

Also, Sandy and her horse Tony had great rides this weekend! they are a beautiful pair, and complement each other well. We are also very excited about welcoming them to the Windurra crew! Looking forward to seeing you at the farm more often, and having your awesome horse stay with us.

Hannah Lu W also decided to show off just how much like her mother she really is, winning the 1st level class with a 75.8%! She was brilliant out there, and I am incredibly lucky to be a part of her career. Hannah was such a rock star that we won the high point Junior/Young Rider award! I would like to give a special thanks to the owners Sarah Reece, and Silva and Boyd Martin for their unwavering support and impeccable breeding. 

Once again, a shout out to Silva's sponsors -- you guys are the bee's knees:
  • Purina
  • Smartpak
  • Ariat
  • Stuebben
  • Middy & me

Stay tuned for pictures and videos...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scout's BLM Champs Update

Duvent and Benny

Well this weekend at the BLM championships has gone pretty much as planned; kicking some ass and taking some names. The amount of success thus far is pretty ridiculous, so I'll just break it down horse by horse: Melinda and Larry's fantastic horses, Duvent and Benny, stopped some shows with their performances, making Benny the 2nd level champion with a score of 77.8% and Duvent the 4th level champion with a 73%!  Silva also rode Bonnie Stedt's horse Zoran to the victory circle with a reserve champion, placing at 4th level with a 71%!

As if Silva's upper level domination wasn't enough, she also shut down the color blue for the other 3rd level competitors on Mikey, Steve Blauner's horse and one of Boyd's promising event horses, winning with a 76%.

Silva wasn't the only one to put a beat down on the competition: The other part of our equestrian family, Michelle and her incredibly talented team of riders went full speed down the road to success over past couple of days. Her young riders were inspiring, putting Tori, Hannah, and Lisa all in the top 10 in the Jr/YR division!! Michelle also put in a stellar ride on the stunning Roni earning a well deserved spot in the winners circle at 4th level with a 70%!! And congrats to Michelle's amateur riders on their bounty of success as well!

Kymmy has been laying down the law on her two wonderful boys this weekend, earning Hayden a 69% in the 2nd level championship, and double wins on Woody at training level with a 72% and 75%..insane!

Silva was not only a rider this weekend, but also an owner. Rosa's daughter Hannah Lu W made herself known in the ring over the past couple of days. She has been spectacular this weekend and is trying hard. It is truly a privilege to be able to ride such a caliber of horse, and words can't describe my appreciation towards Silva, Sarah Reece, and Boyd for the opportunity. She pulled out a 68% at training 3, (though I think we were both a bit nervous since we had to impress the owner and all;).

It's also a proven fact that the more blue ribbons you get, the more tired you feel, as shown here by the ever sleepy Hannah and Silva. Thanks to all the sponsors and owners for all that you provide for Silva that's makes living the dream possible. Hannah Lu also thanks Smartpak for those wonderful cotton sheets that keep her cozy during her frequent beauty naps....