Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ring In The New Year With A New Horse!!

Boyd's currently in transit to Aiken, with the following sales horses in tow!  Why not ring in the New Year with a new competitive partner.  Ring Boyd at (610) 806-2381 if you're interested in seeing any of the following horses down in Aiken!  Happy New Year!!

Wallaroo (bred by Windurra USA), 16.3H, 6 Year Old Gelding

HH Lancaster, 16.3H, 7 Year Old Gelding

Brewster, 16.2H, 8 Year Old Gelding

SBF Eowyn, 16H, 5 Year Old Mare

William Street, 17H, 9 Year Old Gelding

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another year has gone by and we are on the road south again!

Haylee is a reluctant co-pilot
I cannot believe another year has gone by! Other than my eyes I have fully recovered from my injury and I am very focused on my 2015 shows. I am excited to get to Aiken and train hard in preparation for competing in Florida at the end of January! 

We are on the road with five trailers and two cars right now. I am lucky enough to have my great friends help me get all my horses to Aiken every year: Cheryl Griffith's husband Donnie is driving one trailer, Sandy Retzlaff and Pam Murphy are driving another, Nate Stolzfuss, Devon's great boyfriend, is driving one. Jerusha and I are driving my trailer and Jessie and Devon are nice enough to drive Boyd's and my car down. Caitlin and Kat also are on the road with the first group of Boyd's horses and Boyd and the rest of the group are joining us in the next day or two. Of course my dog Haylee is with me and is not happy about the long drive.

See everyone in Aiken, and happy new year!