Thursday, July 31, 2014

Silva Returns to Competition!

For the first time since she was injured, Silva rode in a competition at ESDCTA Summer Days I and II in Gladstone, NJ. She and Benefactor RRS scored 67.381% to finish second in Second Level test 3 on Wednesday and on Thursday they scored 74.673% to win the class. Both of these tests were qualifiers for the GAIG finals, and looking ahead, Silva plans to compete "Benny" at the GAIG finals this fall.  

Videos of Sales Horse SBF Eowyn

NAME: SBF Eowyn "Wynnie" SEX: Mare COLOUR: Chestnut HEIGHT: 16 hh DATE OF BIRTH: July, 2009 COUNTRY OF BIRTH: United States SIRE: Riverman (Dutch Warmblood ) DAM: Jer's Princess (Thoroughbred) BREED: Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred (KWPN 840025200900265) BREEDER: Stony Brook Farm

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Millbrook Times

We have just arrived at Millbrook Horse Trials, and it looks AWESOME this year. The conditions look perfect. The horses have all arrived well and are all in great form at the moment.  With the World Equestrian Games around the corner, my biggest goal is NOT to fall off!  


Martin, BoydSteady EddieAThu 10:16 amSat 10:38 am
Martin, BoydNew CadetOI-AThu 11:10 amSat 08:20 am
Martin, BoydPancho VillaAThu 12:28 pmSat 11:28 am
Martin, BoydSBF CortezOI-AThu 01:29 pmSat 08:52 am
Martin, BoydQuinn HimselfOP-AFri 09:34 amSat 02:12 pm
Martin, BoydMaster FriskyAFri 01:28 pmSat 11:58 am
Martin, BoydWelcome ShadowOI-BFri 02:35 pmSat 09:40 am

Silliman, CaitlinCatch A StarOI-AThu 12:47 pmSat 08:40 am
Silliman, CaitlinTura LuraONThu 02:14 pmFri 01:36 pm
Silliman, CaitlinGoldhorn Diamond ImprintONThu 04:12 pmFri 02:12 pm
Silliman, CaitlinGipsy KingONThu 05:12 pmFri 02:46 pm
Silliman, CaitlinBallyneetyOP-AFri 07:36 amSat 01:36 pm
Silliman, CaitlinCallistoOI-BFri 03:59 pmSat 09:50 am

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Photos and Video chat with Boyd at WEG Prep at Great Meadow

Lindsey prepping Shamwari for the competition
Boyd and Shamwari 4 through the Water

Over the Land Rover Corner out of the water
Silva on course

Riders at Awards Ceremony

Boyd with Shamwari Syndicate members Gretchen and George Wintersteen
Photos copyright Amber Heintzberger and not for use without permission

I'm on the road and can't get my phone to upload to Youtube, but it worked on Facebook. Here's the link to a chat with Boyd today at Great Meadow, where he and Shamwari were the overnight leaders at the final prep for the WEG team and finished fourth after adding time penalties for a conservative cross-country round - which is just what he was aiming for as he and Shammie solidify their partnership and aim to have the most solid preparation possible in order to peak at the Games in Normandy.

Follow the link for the video: