Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Millbrook Times

We have just arrived at Millbrook Horse Trials, and it looks AWESOME this year. The conditions look perfect. The horses have all arrived well and are all in great form at the moment.  With the World Equestrian Games around the corner, my biggest goal is NOT to fall off!  


Martin, BoydSteady EddieAThu 10:16 amSat 10:38 am
Martin, BoydNew CadetOI-AThu 11:10 amSat 08:20 am
Martin, BoydPancho VillaAThu 12:28 pmSat 11:28 am
Martin, BoydSBF CortezOI-AThu 01:29 pmSat 08:52 am
Martin, BoydQuinn HimselfOP-AFri 09:34 amSat 02:12 pm
Martin, BoydMaster FriskyAFri 01:28 pmSat 11:58 am
Martin, BoydWelcome ShadowOI-BFri 02:35 pmSat 09:40 am

Silliman, CaitlinCatch A StarOI-AThu 12:47 pmSat 08:40 am
Silliman, CaitlinTura LuraONThu 02:14 pmFri 01:36 pm
Silliman, CaitlinGoldhorn Diamond ImprintONThu 04:12 pmFri 02:12 pm
Silliman, CaitlinGipsy KingONThu 05:12 pmFri 02:46 pm
Silliman, CaitlinBallyneetyOP-AFri 07:36 amSat 01:36 pm
Silliman, CaitlinCallistoOI-BFri 03:59 pmSat 09:50 am

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