Saturday, October 19, 2013

Steady Eddie is the Star of Windurra at Fair Hill

Pancho Villa

Cross-country day at the Fair Hill International provided plenty of entertainment and excitement, and some spectacular changes in the order of standing. Pancho Villa (pictured above) was my first out and he jumped well but was not quite on his game at a number of fences. There are moments where he loses his concentration and shies at things on course, so unfortunately we lost our dressage lead after a couple of run-outs.

Steady Eddie
Steady Eddie was brilliant today, Denise Lahey, Pierre Colin and the Wintersteen's Australian gelding rocked around the course and confirmed my suspicion that he's a future four-star horse. He danced around the two-star and pulled up well and should be ready for a great show jumping round tomorrow.

New Cadet
My third horse, New Cadet, was definitely the greenest of the group; he was jumping very well and showing good form and determination throughout the course but unfortunately misread the duck element of the final water complex and unfortunately that's where his Fair Hill ended. He's a talented horse and made a green mistake at the end of a very testing cross-country course, and I'm sure he will have many better endings in his future.

I thought Caitlin rode brilliantly with Remington. Unfortunately Windurra had a sad day when Caitlin came unstuck at the coffin about halfway around the course. My other students, Lillian Heard and Erin Sylvester, rode well.

Without doubt Fair Hill has once again shown a brilliant, testing two and three-star course. The competition was exciting and we're looking forward to a good show jumping tomorrow.


Note: Photos copyright Amber Heintzberger.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Great Start at the GAIG Championships

We're off to a great start at the GAIG Championships in Lexington, VA. Zoom (Zoran) was great for me today. He was first on ( which is nothing new to me (and Boyd, who was first on in the two-star at Fair Hill this weekend) - for some reason we are always first to go!). Zoom and I started the class at 11am this morning and held our lead with 73% all the to the end at 5.30pm. Zoom has come a very long way . This time last year we won the training and first level Championships and this year he won the third level Championships and still has the fourth level Championships on Sunday! I am so thankful that Bonnie Stedt for letting me ride this great horse!

Tomorrow I have my superstar Benefactor in his second level Championships and Gracia and Colin are taking on the Jr. third level Championships. Kymmy and Hot Date also have their warm up class tomorrow.  


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Silva and Crew En Route to GAIG Regional Championships

We are on our way to the GAIG Regional Championships in Lexington, Virginia. I am riding Zoran in the third and fourth level Championships, Duvent in the fourth level Championships, and Benefactor in the first and second level Championships.

Kymmy is riding Hot Date in the first level Championships and Gracia has Colin in the Jr. third level Championships It should be a successful weekend with such a great group of horses!!

Please link to the Fox Village website for live scoring.


Video: Boyd and Pancho Villa's Dressage at Fair Hill International

Horse Inspection Video

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ready to Rock at Fair Hill

All three horses passed the jog for the CCI2* at the Fair Hill International Three-Day Event and we're looking forward to a competitive weekend with Pancho Villa, New Cadet and Steady Eddie.

Stay tuned!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Caitlin Cleans Up at Radnor Hunt HT

While Boyd was over in Holland slogging around in the mud, Caitlin was back home in PA bringing home blue ribbons from the Radnor Hunt Horse Trials...well done Caitlin! Finn McCool won Training A and Hard Alee (for sale!) won Training B. Beau Guimond also brought home 4th in Novice on Filibuster ST.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Boekelo Wrap-Up

Well guys, we finished were we started after dressage.  Place 28 out of 107 
starters. He looked perfectly sound and fresh this morning, and passed the jog up 
without a worry in the world. 
He jumped a super round today in the mud.  We took a rail at the second last 
fence which was a wide oxer. I must admit, I think I brought my upper body back 
a little bit too fast, and turned in the air and Oscar just clipped the back rail with 
his hind toe. I was thrilled with the way he jumped, and dealt with the big 
All in all, I am a little disappointed with the result. If you take the time 
penalties cross-country out of the equation, he is very competitive. If I can 
fix this part of his performance, he is world class. 
Thanks for all of the support, guys.  Currently having a Heineken with Silva, 
Katie and Mike at the airport hotel.