Friday, October 18, 2013

Great Start at the GAIG Championships

We're off to a great start at the GAIG Championships in Lexington, VA. Zoom (Zoran) was great for me today. He was first on ( which is nothing new to me (and Boyd, who was first on in the two-star at Fair Hill this weekend) - for some reason we are always first to go!). Zoom and I started the class at 11am this morning and held our lead with 73% all the to the end at 5.30pm. Zoom has come a very long way . This time last year we won the training and first level Championships and this year he won the third level Championships and still has the fourth level Championships on Sunday! I am so thankful that Bonnie Stedt for letting me ride this great horse!

Tomorrow I have my superstar Benefactor in his second level Championships and Gracia and Colin are taking on the Jr. third level Championships. Kymmy and Hot Date also have their warm up class tomorrow.  


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