Saturday, February 8, 2014

Performance Improvements at the Global Dressage Festival

I am so happy with the horses' performance today at the GDF! Zoran ("Zoom") was fantastic this morning in the Prix St George. We scored 68% and finished fifth. Mark my words: this horse is going to be a big horse for me! He's so exciting! 

Rosa was AMAZING today! I am so happy with how she felt and how I rode. Of course there are still things that need to improve but it was a nice test and sooooo much slower than yesterday. I think this was the best tests, quality-wise, that we have done so far. Four of the judges had us on or above 70% and the fifth gave us 66%. We are getting closer to where we want to be, and we finished third in the CDI Intermediare 1. 

Scoutie rode Happy Valley today in her first third level test. I am proud of her; third level is not easy and they had a few mistakes but I know it will go better tomorrow! 

Videos to come! 


Shamwari in Sidelines News Blog

A Sidelines News reporter was at Pine Top this weekend and took note as Shamwari made his first appearance in the US:

Reminder: George Morris Coming to Bridle Creek Farm in Aiken

George Morris will be teaching at our winter base, Ilene Boorman's beautiful Bridle Creek Farm in Aiken, on February 24th and 25th. Auditors are welcome ($60 per person), so come out and enjoy an invaluable opportunity to learn from one of the equestrian masters of our time. 
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Silva Martin Videos: Friday at the 2014 Global Dressage Festival

Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Results Continue at Global Dressage Festival

Rosa Cha W

I was really happy with Rosa today at the Global Dressage Festival.  Debbie McDonald helped me warm up, which was awesome. I felt really confident and Rosa felt good. I always rush a little when I go in the ring; I’ve slowed down so much, but watching the video I need to slow down more. I talked to Debbie and Robert Dover, and in the mediums I over-rode, but I nailed the canter pirouettes so much better than last year. 

Rosa Cha W

Rosa and I both want to go forward; tomorrow my biggest goal is to slow everything down. Somehow because Rosa is such a big mover it doesn’t feel like we’re going too fast, but it happens so often that I feel like I’ve slowed down, I’m trying to ride my corners and take another breath, and we're still too forward, that I think I have to really “overdo” slowing things down before it makes a difference.

So happy to see so many dressage riders wearing helmets. I love my Charles Owen!

We finished fourth, which is an awesome result, it’s just a bit of a bummer because we scored 68.9 and the winner was 70 – I over rode the medium to extended trot and lot some points there. All the canter work was so much stronger, though, so I’m hoping to improve on our score tomorrow. Debbie said I’ve just got to chill out and try to keep from getting rushed.

I also rode Zoran in the PSG, in the national class, not the CDI. It was his first time at this level and it’s really exciting because last year he only showed training level here! He was spectacular  today and warmed up awesome. In the warm-up he felt like we could do a CDI. He was a bit of a wild child in the warm-up, and I think I warmed him up a little too long as a result, because in the ring he got a little behind my leg. We just had a few green mistakes and finished 7th, with 66%, which is great for his first time at this level.


Kymmy was second in second level, test 3 with 66%. She did some schooling shows in Aiken and has really improved her test. She’s still learning and there’s room for improvement, but it was a lot better than her last time I was happy with it. Her horse isn’t even six years old yet so that was pretty good!

Tomorrow I’m on at 10:12 with Rosa in the I-1 and Zoran is doing the PSG. 

Stay tuned for video! 


First Show Day in Florida

Bright Side
We started out the Florida show season yesterday with good results. I showed Gloria Callen's and Anne and Mike Laver's exiting new horse Bright Side, ( Eddy ) for the very first time! This horse has the same temperament as Benny: he could not care less about the scary show grounds! We won the training level with 72%.
Eddy has a pretty funny story on how we purchased him...full story to come!

Benefactor RRS
Benefactor had his debut in the 6-year-old practice class. Of course Benny was his perfect self and did the difficult test with trot half-passes and four flying changes as well as any six-year-old early in the season can do it! I am so proud of him! We won with a score of 76%.

Rosa Cha W Schooling
Bright Side

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rosa Cha W Passes Jog at Global Dressage Festival

Rosa hanging out with friends Gracia Huenefeld (who made her her look so gorgeous) and Michelle Folden

Passed the jog with flying colors!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Silva's Lesson on Rosa Cha W with Debbie McDonald

I had a fabulous lesson with Debbie McDonald yesterday. Debbie really is amazing and I so much enjoy working with her. She picks up on the smallest little things and it makes such a big difference. The biggest thing I got out of the lesson yesterday was that I need to sit lighter. My natural inclination is to sit deep and drive with my seat; when Rosa was younger that is what I had to do, but now I have to trust her more and let her work without helping her so much. You will see in the video what a huge difference it made, especially in the pirouettes.

 I am very excited about the weekend: we have the jog tomorrow at 3pm and we will have our times for for the PSG and Intermediaire 1 after the jog! I will keep you posted!!