Saturday, February 8, 2014

Performance Improvements at the Global Dressage Festival

I am so happy with the horses' performance today at the GDF! Zoran ("Zoom") was fantastic this morning in the Prix St George. We scored 68% and finished fifth. Mark my words: this horse is going to be a big horse for me! He's so exciting! 

Rosa was AMAZING today! I am so happy with how she felt and how I rode. Of course there are still things that need to improve but it was a nice test and sooooo much slower than yesterday. I think this was the best tests, quality-wise, that we have done so far. Four of the judges had us on or above 70% and the fifth gave us 66%. We are getting closer to where we want to be, and we finished third in the CDI Intermediare 1. 

Scoutie rode Happy Valley today in her first third level test. I am proud of her; third level is not easy and they had a few mistakes but I know it will go better tomorrow! 

Videos to come! 


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