Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween at Windurra: Boyd's Broken Arm Update

2013 has been a truly forgettable year for me, with injuries related to horses and myself. Last week I was doing a very casual job of hand-walking a horse that’s coming back from an injury, with a much-too-long rein; the horse spooked, spun around and kicked me chest-high. My true ninja reflexes kicked in and I blocked the blow with my forearm, which possible saved a few ribs but unfortunately cracked and dislocated my forearm.

In hindsight it was completely my fault, as I wasn’t paying close enough attention to a fit horse that’s been locked up and was feeling fresh in the cold weather. It’s a good reminder to me of how careful you have to be around horses all the time and pay attention to whatever you’re doing. I’m sad to report that the horse did not end up with a sore foot…

The good news is it was a clean break, and after surgery I’ve been back riding this week on some of the quiet, straightforward horses. My elbow was dislocated, as well, and during surgery they popped it back in.

Happy Halloween everyone,



  1. "The X-ray picture is from Dr. Laurie Cameron, DVM." That just completely made my morning...I've always wondered if it'd be more efficient to just have my vet check me out, I see her more often than my regular doc anyways and unlike my regular GP she is always armed with xray and ultrasound equipment at the ready :P Mend up soon!

  2. Gotta love it when you're vet is so handy. My doctor loves it when I bring in my own x-rays to my appointments too. Speedy healing! And remember, I've seen 5 pound toy poodles break titanium plates so don't be over doing it!

  3. Enjoyed your little note, Boyd. You have a good sense of humor about what happened. Sorry you have to go through this, and I wish you the best for a great 2014. Hope you are representing us at WEG. And please come compete at Rebecca Farms in Kalispell, MT.

  4. The sad thing is, the Vet is probably 10x cheaper than the Doctor at the hospital!! Glad to hear you are doing well Boyd, get better and no more injuries!

  5. Boyd I KNEW, I absolutely KNEW you wouldn't stay off the horses and let your arm heal. Just don't get bucked off okay???

    I know you still won't listen but perhaps you could have someone else do the grooming for awhile since your arm is suppose to heal from the break--your not suppose to be managing horses that spook every which way but loose while you're trying to heal.

  6. how goulish, looks like your screws are loose .... sitting on a horse already !