Friday, June 13, 2014

Silva's Friday Luhmuehlen Update

Shamwari went very well in the dressage today even though he was a bit feisty in the warm-up! Boyd rode him well, especially in the walk and the canter. Thsi was their first big event together and a 47 is a good start. They still need to build a partnership, since Boyd has been sidelined with his broken leg.

Otis' test was disappointing; especially since I watched their lessons with David and he looked amazing. They just had too many mistakes in the test and it affected their score, but Boyd came back and had a good test today, so that was good. There's really a lot of competition here, with a lot of top riders and horse from many different nations - a lot of people rerouted from Badminton.

Hanging out in the stands with Augie Vettorino, Steve Blauner and Gloria Callen
Thanks to Fernanda Kellogg for the photo
I've been helping Boyd too but David is really very good at coaching, so I can also sit back and relax a little bit. Boyd's leg is holding up well after numerous course walks, but of course tomorrow is the big test and it's a tough course, a real four-star, so hopefully Boyd and his horses will hang in there.


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  1. Good Luck Boyd! So happy you are there representing the USA! Jamie