Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pine Top Advanced Event This Weekend

This is a big weekend for me, taking Remington and Benwald in the advanced horse trials at Pine Top Farm in Thomson, GA. It's pretty exciting for Remington since it's his first run at the advanced level. Benwald is doing his second season at advanced so he's a little more confirmed at this level. They both jumped well schooling yesterday and I'm looking for a good run from both of them to set them up for their first three-day event at Jersey Fresh later this year.

Shatzi W is doing her fourth intermediate and I got some good advice for her from Mark Phillips at the team training session; I've changed my tactics in dressage and I am interested to see if she can come up with a better test.

Minotaure du Passoir entered in the preliminary division and I think this should be one of his last preliminaries before he moves up to intermediate level.

Unfortunately I have some depressing news as well: Neville Bardos tripped in a hole the other day while I was doing his slow canter work and the next day his leg was swollen, so I've scratched him from this weekend. I had it scanned and there is no tear or anything like that, but it's still swollen. I'm a bit wary of putting him straight back to work when the swelling goes down so I'll probably play it safe with him for a while just to be careful.



  1. I am the "Dressage rider" who bought Remington 7 days after he came to america (he was imported as a sale horse by two women in RI) Please wish Boyd and Remy luck this weekend. I will be watching my boy.

    Daniel Rosenthal

  2. Congratulations!! Please tell Densey the same as I have lost her phone number