Friday, August 21, 2009

Notes from the Saugerties CDI

Last weekend Silva competed at the Saugerties CDI in New York:

Saugerties was a very good weekend for everybody but Jeff, who, just like the past two years, was terrified of the arena. He warmed up beautifully on all three days but as soon as he got in the arena to perform the test he did not listen to me one little bit. Anyway, I am not that upset about it anymore - I am looking forward to Devon and hope he will be better there.

Sea Lord was a star. He did his second show at PSG and finished reserve champion overall. I am so very exited about him. He is a real competitor.

Concorde also had his second show at PSG. He was third on the first day and fourth on the second. Very good effort!!

Comet did his first show at Fourth level and tried his heart out for me. We had a few little bobbles but still finished second,third and second!


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