Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Georgia or Bust..and a Brush with The Law

Yesterday we had our fourteen-hour drive from PA down to Atlanta, GA with Remington, Neville, Charla and Summer for this weekend’s AEC. My heart stopped when halfway through Georgia I saw blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror but luckily it was not the highway patrol, it was animal health inspectors. I’m glad to say all my horses’ health certificates, Coggins tests and vaccinations were up to date so I managed to continue my trip unscathed.

Chattahoochee Hills is an amazing venue. It’s my first time here and it looks like a nice place to spend the next couple of weeks, hopefully, in preparation for the WEG. All the horses shipped well and look to be in good condition to compete in this weekend’s event.

Summer competes on Thursday in the novice and the other three go on Friday.


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