Monday, January 17, 2011

Dressage Horses Have Arrived in Aiken!

On Saturday morning at 3am we started our drive to Aiken with 10 horses. I was driving my trailer with five horses and my friend Anecia drove Boyd's trailer with another 5 horses. My working student Devon drove in the truck with Anecea and Amy Heron, a student and friend of mine, drove in he truck with me. Devon's mum Sandy was also behind us and drove Devon's car to Aiken, so we had quite the caravan going down the road!

We had a great and very easy trip: no dramas on the way, which is very unlike me!

We arrived in Aiken at Black Forest Farm at 3pm. The sun was out and it was 60 degrees. It felt soooo good to see the sun and not to be freezing for once! The farm is beautiful and all the people are very nice and welcoming.
On Sunday we took everybody for a hack. All of the horses are so happy too see the sun and be outside of the indoor arena back home in Pennsylvania.

Anecia, Amy and Sandy are now driving Boyd's trailer back to PA and then Lillian, Sara ,and Caitlin are driving the event horses down at the end of the week.



  1. Riders 4 helmets - ride smart and strap one on!!!!!

  2. Agreed. Put a helmet on. Please :). If not for your own sake but for the people that love you and might have to take care of you if you have bad fall and can no longer care for yourself. Not a question of how good you are or how good your horses are. No good excuse not to wear one. Period.

  3. Wow. Gorgeous farm, and 60 degrees?! All of us in upstate New York are insanely jealous. Good luck for your season!