Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 2011 Neville Bardos Syndicate Members Report.

Well folks, I usually update the owners of the horses I have in work via a phone call, or an email...I am faced with a new dilemma: Neville Bardos now has 7 different owners. I decided to syndicate my WEG horse from last year into 10 shares and I have sold 7 of them, so there are still three to go.

The new owners for Neville thus far are:

Ron & Densey Juvonen, PA
April, Chuck & McKenzie Whitlock, KY
Gloria & Craig Callen, NY
Stephen Blauner, NY
Nancy & David Hathaway, NY
Bonnie Stedt, NY
Tim & Cheryl Holekamp, FL

I thought instead of doing a boring email on what I have been doing with him, I would put a bit of footage of Nev training in Unionville, PA for his new owners to watch. It suits me need to worry about correct spelling or grammar on a long email...

Enjoy my very unrehearsed introduction and dodgy filming from working student extraordinaire, Randall Pearve....



  1. Nice video, just one question...where is your helmet?

  2. I was wondering the same thing.

  3. Please Please Please wear your helmet Boyd. We love you too much! :)