Saturday, March 5, 2011

Evening Entertainment

Eventing fans, be sure to tune in tonight on the USEF Network for live coverage from Wellington, Florida of the PRO DerbyCross!

The PRO DerbyCross will be one of the features of Nations Cup night at the FTI WEF. Olympic Gold Medalist David O'Connor will host a course walk at 5 p.m. followed by the PRO DerbyCross Team Competition at 5:30 p.m.

Along with Olympian Leslie Law (Team GBR, Boyd Martin (Team USA) will host the two and a half hour team competition featuring five teams. Teams are composed of, three event riders, one show jumper and one polo player. Each team member will jump a course featuring cross-country fences and show jumps accompanied by music spun by DJ Gabriel Nino. A combination of cross-country and show jumps, the course demands bravery and accuracy from horses and riders all while competing against the clock.

Team HAYGAIN: Captain Phillip Dutton (E); Sinead Halpin (E), Bobby Costello (E), Katie Prudent (SJ) and Nic Roldan (P)

Team FarmVet/Cavalor: Captain Buck Davidson (E), Bruce Davidson (E), Will Faudree (E), Aaron Vale (SJ) and Kris Kampsen (P)

Team Guardian Horse Bedding: Captain Karen O'Connor (E), Clark Montgomery (E), Hannah Sue Burnett (E), Laura Kraut (SJ) and John Gobin (P)

Team Triple Crown: Captain Allison Springer (E), Marcia Kulak (E), Will Coleman (E), Georgina Bloomberg (SJ) and Luis Escobar (P)

Team Canada: Captain Kyle Carter (E), Rebecca Howard (E), Jessica Phoenix (E), Ian Millar (SJ) and Brandon Phillips (P)

PRO DerbyCross will be webcast live on,, with film production provided by CatchRide.

Operation Homefront,, is the charitable partner of PRO DerbyCross. Autographed, handpainted birdhouses will be sold in the PRO DerbyCross patron's tent with all proceeds benefitting Operation Homefront, which provides morale boosting programs and financial assistance to US Military family members and wounded soldiers.

Note: a few substitutions have been made for the above polo players but we do not have an updated list. Bobby Costello replaces Jennie Brannigan, who broke her collarbone in a fall from a young horse last week.

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  1. Thanks for bringing some much-needed eventing blood to Wellington! I grew up riding hunter/jumpers and have been dying to see some eventers in action. The derby cross was quite exciting and I was thrilled to see so many upper-level eventers out there in the International Ring.
    Please come back next year! But might I suggest a change in the start time? In the late afternoon, most people have finished showing and have gone home for a break (or for good) and don't return until the night events (which usually start around 7:00). I felt that the 5:30 start time put the event at a disadvantage. Still, I rounded up as many people as possible and then bored them all to tears explaining who all of you eventers are. Thanks again for shaking things up in Wellyworld.