Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dressage at Blue Goose

We went to the dressage show at Blue Goose Stables yesterday. Kymmy, Scout , Amy Heron and I took seven horses. Blue Goose is a very nice show for us because it is only five minutes up the road from our farm and it is a mid-week show.

I rode Evie Dutton's Vanderbild, Ann Laver's Colin and Laurie Cameron's Likely Story.
I was very impressed with all three horses since I had never shown them before.
Vanderbild showed me that he is a great horse for an amateur or a professional: he was so rideable and easy at the show and at the same time he looks very impressive and stands out from the crowd. We won training level 3 with 71%.
Likely Story is also a new horse for me and I really, really enjoy working with this mare. Story is one of these mares that once you get her on your side and you are working with her she will do anything for you. I love mares like that! She did a wonderful test and we won high score at training level and won training level test 2 with 75%.
Colin is Ann Laver's horse. I have been riding Colin for Ann for a few months now. He was a little green and Ann and I decided that he needs some more training before he goes back home. He is a lovely horse and I very much enjoy having him around. Colin won high score at third level and we won the class with 69.8%.

Scout rode Boyd's two young horses from Australia, Ray Price and Wallaroo, at their first show. She showed them in Intro A and they were such good boys and so brave! Ray won with 68% and Wally came second with 64%.

Kymmy rode Elite Pharis in his first second level; Pharis showed again what a great horse he is and he won his first time at second level!!

Amy Heron showed her awesome little mare CeCe for the first time in training level. I am so proud of Amy and Cece. They did such a nice test and scored 65% and finished fourth! The two of them are going to be great!

This weekend we are going back to Morven Park!


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