Monday, June 18, 2012

Theault-America's Response to the Colbert Report!

So by now most of you have probably caught wind of the hilarious skit that Stephen Colbert aired last week, poking fun at Mitt Romney and their part ownership in Rafalca, one of the US Dressage team's potential olympic candidates (ridden by Jan Ebeling).  If you haven't, you've got to take the time to watch this segment!

I was up at the USEF selection trials with Theault-America which was held last week at the USET headquarters in Gladstone, NJ.  Theault-America also supports Boyd and Silva with a sponsorship and the use of one of their fabulous Morpheus horse boxes.  Theault is touring the US at specific events and will be joining forces with the USEF as an official sponsor.  While we were there, Theault's talented videographer, Marc, filmed a well staged response to the Colbert Report.

Check out Theault-America & the USEF's response to the Colbert Report below & help make this video go viral!  Friend them on Facebook to keep up with the latest news!!

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  1. My 5 year old daughter of an eventer says "COOL BEAT!"