Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dressage Horses Arrived to Luxury in Aiken

We have arrived for our winter in Aiken at Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckel’s recently renovated FoxFrolic Farm. Kyymy, the dressage horses and I arrived a week ago and were astounded by the improvements that they have made since last year! While we were there last winter everything was under construction; now everything is finished and it’s outstanding! The barns are like the Taj Mahal! The arena has great mirrors and the horses are in heaven. We can’t thank Fernanada and Kirk enough for giving us the chance to work out of their beautiful farm. We’ll be there until the middle of February and then we’re going on to Wellington, Florida.

It’s also a lot of fun working with Nick Meyers the farm manager and also a rider. He has one wing of the barn and we have another wing. Bonnie Stedt is also there with her horses  (pic of Clancy Himself) – and it's great having her around too!

This weekend Kymmy and I are heading to Ocala for our first show of the season – stay tuned for updates! 


Residence and Stables

The Cottage

Bonnie Stedt's Clancy Himself grazing in the pasture


Southern Charm!

Foxes at Fox Frolic

The arena is lovely

Neat and Tidy Tack Room