Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Syndicate Member Steve Blauner Featured on Rolex KY Website

Steve Blauner, a member of the Neville Bardos and Trading Aces Syndicates, is the Featured Owner on this year's Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event website lead-up. 

Here's the opener of Steve's "Journal", and you can follow the link below for the rest of the story:

Featured Rider - Stephen Blauner - Owner

Part 1

Part 1

This is Neville’s year to get back to Rolex. And maybe Trading Aces first 4*. We’re (all ten of their owners) keeping fingers crossed. Neville apparently did not enjoy his trip to England for the Olympics (he was a reserve horse). We originally thought he would go on to Burghley (where he came 7th in 2011), but he wasn’t feeling up to snuff and came back to the States with the other US team horses. Neville spent a couple of months hanging out in Pennsylvania and enjoying his favorite pastime – wind-sucking. He went down to Aiken at the beginning of January and started back into work. Boyd (Martin) says he is feeling great, and he jumped really well when he went to Ocala a few weeks back to train with Scott Keach. Watching a video of the two-day show jumping session, it looks like Scott put Neville in a pelham and a martingale – haven’t talked to Boyd about this, but maybe they are trying to teach an old horse some new tricks.

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