Monday, August 5, 2013

Perfect Day for Dressage at Bucks County Horse Park

Kymmy and Hayden
 We had a great day out at Bucks County Horse Park yesterday. It could not have been a more perfect, beautiful day to ride at a show. We showed our sale horses Billie Jean Halliday and Sophia as well as Zoom, Stately, Shenanigans, Red Umbrella, Sir Eastwood, Cece and Hot Date.

Billie was such a good girl. She is a perfect mare for an amateur to take up the levels. She is very comfortable and easy at the shows. Billie and Kymmy finished second in training level .

Sophia is a 4-year-old mare that has come to me to be sold by her owner and breeder Lucy Wilson. Sophia is a small mare with a huge personality. This was only her second time of the property and her first tome at training level and she did really well, finishing second in training level test 2. This little mare is perfect for a small rider.

Stately did his first Intermediare 1 and Stately did what Stately does best!! We won with an amazing score of 75.2%. Zoom showed for the first time in fourth level, test 3 . I think 4.3 is a very hard test be because everything comes up so fast.

Zoom is impressing me more and more . We are really starting to know each other and I am so exited about this horse. I think he needs another year of strength building. I have him on a fitness program, as well with all my young horses. I think it is so important for him to get out of the ring for his head as well as on the hills for his fitness. Yesterday we won our class with 70%.

Shenanigans is a 4-year-old gelding by Rousseau. He was also breed by Lucy Wilson and is owned by Hallie Ahrnsbrak. This was his first show and we competed in the 4 year old test to qualify for Dressage at Devon. Shane was amazing: so brave and focused! He scored 77% and is now qualified for Devon.

Kymmy and Hot Date got their first score for GAIG Championships in second level.They won with 68%.
Scout and Red Umbrella
  Scout and Red Umbrella Scout showed her mare Red Umbrella for the first time. This mare is a very special horse I think. She handled the show very well. They won training level test 2 and finished third in the 4-year-old test which also qualifies them for Devon.

Kymmy also showed her new horse Sir Eastwood. Woody is a very nice 4 year old gelding by Sir Sinclair and they finished fourth in the 4-year-old class.

Amy and Cece

Amy and Cece did a very nice test to finish fifth in first level in a class with a lot of professionals. They are now qualified for the BLM Championships.

 Videos to come!!!


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