Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boyd's Thoughts on Rolex From the Sidelines

Boyd with Addison Sama at the Devoucoux Autograph Signing
I enjoyed the weekend at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event immensely. Of course it’s always good when your horse does well! I was thrilled with the way Oscar (Trading Aces) went, finishing 8th, and Phillip rode him brilliantly. I always knew Oscar could handle the distance of a four-star cross-country and, we went into it knowing the horse could have a good chance in the dressage and show jumping, but figured it could go either way since Phillip didn’t know the horse.

We put a huge amount of effort into his conditioning in preparing for this event. We worked out that he wasn’t sweating great, so we addressed that by putting him on medication and giving him a high alcohol-content beer in his morning feed, which really helps. We also spent thousands of dollars checking his heart and lungs and everything and figured he was perfectly healthy, so we focused on his fitness: swimming him, putting him up hills a lot and not protecting him too much. He was the only horse that made time at The Fork, which he won, and was third fastest around Red Hills, which he also won.

A huge thanks to Caitlin Silliman, who's been doing most of Oscar's flat training since I broke my leg in Southern Pines, and to working student Michael who's done all his gallops. They did a great job and Oscar wouldn't have made it to the victory gallop at Rolex Kentucky without their help. 

I was terrified about going to Kentucky and feeling miserable about not riding, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend – not only because my horse went well, but I was pretty busy helping the girls get prepared and I spent a good bit of time catching up with sponsors. It’s very much a different experience riding and not riding. It was a lot less stressful going as a non-rider and I could enjoy myself a bit more in the evenings with the horse’s owners and supporters.

Unfortunately the three girls, Lillian and Caitlin and Erin didn’t have a perfect weekend; they all rode well but at this level it’s a tough game and I think they’ll all be stronger for their experiences. Congratulations to Lillian for getting around her very first Rolex!

Lastly a big thank-you to Phillip and to Oscar’s syndicate. The way this went down was in no one’s predictions. Phillip is a class-act for riding the horse at this short notice and he did a brilliant job. Oscar’s syndicate has been brilliant too, coming to the event to cheer them on.

Check out this heartwarming series of photos from EventingNation.com: 

As far as my own soundness, We’re at five weeks now on the broken leg and by six weeks the bone should be healed. I'm back to riding on the flat a bit, but haven’t had a jump yet. I’m still doing physio 3 or 4 times a week and it’s coming along. I’m taking it day at a time!



  1. Go Boyd! We're cheering you on from out west.

  2. I couldn't be happier for the whole team! Jamie

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