Monday, May 19, 2014

Boyd's Back in Action at Fair Hill International May Horse Trials

Boyd and Crackerjack. Steve Berkowitz Photo
It felt great to be competing again after seven weeks of watching everyone else! I tried to minimize the number of horses I rode this weekend and was very thankful that Caitlin took a lot of the young horses off my hands. I chose to ride four well experienced horses since I haven’t been able to school that much and trusted these horses to put in good, solid rounds.

Boyd and Pancho Villa. Steve Berkowitz Photo
 Thanks to all the work at physio I was more more comfortable than I expected. In jumping the fracture site feels pretty good now; it’s more around the knee area, where I have a couple screws, that is more painful but overall it did not hinder me too much. I shove a soccer shin-pad in my boot and my physio Chris Doughtry has come up with a bandaging system to increase comfort. I ice it a couple times a day and am still going to physio three times a week which I think is very important. I feel like I’m getting better and better but am not quite 100% yet.

I’ve got a busy time coming up: the Memorial Day clinic at Fitch’s Corner coming up next weekend, which is always a favorite weekend for Silva and I, teaching at Fernanda’s beautiful farm in Millbrook, NY. I heard that world-renowned show jumper Peter Wylde is coming to have a crack at cross-country, which should be a very entertaining lesson!

In the next couple of weeks I'm going to run a bunch of horses at Waredaca and Plantation before I head over to Germany to tackle Luhmuehlen


Master Frisky. Steve Berkowitz Photo

Open Intermediate - A

1st - Pancho Villa-  34.6 

3rd - Master Frisky - 48.1

4th - Crackerjack – 47.10

Crackerjack. Steve Berkowitz Photo


7th - New Cadet – 37.2

Caitlin Silliman riding:



11thWilliam Street – 50.4

2nd - Ballyneety - 23

Training D

 1st - Ray Price – 26.7

Novice B
4th - Boo Ya 35.8

Novice D
9th – Goldthorn Diamond Imprint – 33.0

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