Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Nadeem Noon Support Fund

Nadeem Noon
Nadeem Noon is a popular eventing trainer/coach from Area VIII who competed through CIC*** and trained with Phillip Dutton for several years. Unfortunately, Nadeem is battling a very rare and devastating disease called Amyloidosis, which is severely affecting his heart, his lungs and several other organs in his body. Nadeem is currently undergoing chemotherapy to hopefully slow this disease and he and his medical team are attempting to get him placed on the heart transplant list. Friends are organizing several fundraising efforts to aid Nadeem and his family as he battles this terrible disease.

They are holding a silent auction at Haygard 3-Day Event and Team Challenge Horse Trials at The Kentucky Horse Park on October 18. In an effort to reach the largest audience and raise the most funds possible, they have also decided to run an online auction that will be open to everyone in all USEA Areas, not just Area VIII. 

They are getting some great donations from around the country; Boyd donated one free lesson or clinic entry and some of the other amazing donations we have so far include 5 days free stabling/lessons with Phillip Dutton, 2 days free stabling and lessons with Leslie Law, one clinic entry anytime/anywhere in 2015 or 2 private lessons with Dom and Jimmie Schramm,  free stabling for a month at the amazing Sandy Hills Farm facility in Aiken SC, just to name a few!  Donations also include numerous horse trial entries, cross-country schooling passes, goods and services. 

Please visit the Facebook page for the Nadeem Noon Support Fund for information on Nadeem as well as various fundraising efforts including the silent/online auction, where and how people can donate, as well as space to leave messages, photos, stories, and all things supportive for Nadeem.

Thank you for your support!

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