Monday, March 16, 2015

Final Show in Florida 2015

It was awesome to finish off the winter season this past weekend with Stately scoring a 72.5% in the I-1 Freestyle! We are thrilled with his progress!

Stately has always been our “problem child” and Faye Woolfe has been an amazing owner. This weekend she ensured that  Stately and his groom Jerusha were perfectly taken care of. Unfortunately Faye couldn’t be there this weekend but she made sure that her friend and our big supporter Gloria Callen brought her walking shoes to walk Stately around for hours!

Gloria Callen

 It’s been a great winter season with all the horses, especially my CDI horses. A huge thank you to all my owners/supporters for making this possible for me. I couldn’t do it with out them. It’s great to be back in the ring after a tough year and it’s so encouraging to have all the support around me.

Stately at the Veterinary Inspection

Another thank you to my sponsors for keeping all my horses looking and feeling great. Stubben has made a huge effort to keep the horses comfortable with their saddles and bridles. Ariat, Charles Owen, and Middy N’ Me keep me and the horses in high fashion. SmartPak not only supplies us with their incredible supplements but is always there to send us anything we need! And of course Purina keeps our horses well-fed and looking in tip top shape.

Jerusha and I are on our way home while Jessie waits for the shipper to load the rest of the horses. Devon is at home and has been a HUGE help taking care of the horses there and preparing everything for our return. I am looking forward to seeing my students/friends at home and getting back into a rhythm with them! It was really a great season and Jerusha and Jessie worked so hard without any full days off. I am so impressed with how they held up.There was one afternoon that we took off to go to West Palm Beach and the girls enjoyed the beach by falling asleep to the sound of the waves.

Passed out!
  I have very much enjoyed working with Michelle Folden and Debbie Stanitski again this year. They had some great success this season and it’s always a blast hanging with Michelle and her crew.


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