Monday, September 13, 2010

WEG Team Selection Veterinary Inspection

Both Neville and Remington endured a long and tedious examination by Drs. Cathy Kohn, Brendan Furlong, PJ McMahon and Sarah Gold.

It was a long and vigorous exam in front of all the selectors and coaches. It included trot-ups, flexion tests and ultrasounds to check for hidden secrets amongst the horses. Both the boys vetted well and there were no surprises with either of them as they had to endure a similar examination two weeks ago after the Richland CIC.

At the moment everyone is sitting back and waiting for the big decision tomorrow afternoon. There’s an erie, somber feeling through the barn and it’s very interesting and exciting to try and work out who’s staying and who’s going.

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  1. I'm glad that went well. Oddly, I'm not riding, my boss isn't listed and I won't be volunteering to work for you or Buck this time, but I'm still nervous as hell!