Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Start to Breed Show at Dressage at Devon

Melinda Walton and Larry T. Smith's Benefactor RS finished 2nd in his Materiale Class and Reserve Champion overall in the Breed Show at Dressage at Devon

We have had a very busy past two days at the Dressage at Devon Breed Show! I was showing Melinda Walton and Larry T. Smith's three yearlings, Shoene the two-year-old, Rio the three-year-old, Hannah in-hand and Di Solitaire, Benny, Hayden, Hannah and Rio under saddle. We have come up with a lot of ribbons for all of them and Benny was the star, becoming reserve champion in the final today. Results

Melinda and Larry should be very proud of their babies! The two of them are really breeding some amazing horses and I am very lucky to be able to ride their horses for them.

Working student Beau Guimond did an amazing job handling all the young horses in the ring and he really showed off their potential. Beau has been working with all the babies for the past two weeks and he has been taking it very seriously. That really showed today and yesterday.

My very good friend Lizzie Verney has been a huge help too, getting up at four am every day and driving out to the show with me, to then help with everything all day long.

Kymmy has been wonderful, organizing all the chaos and keeping everything on track as well as taking very good care of the horses. By the time Lizzie and I arrive at the show at 5.30am, Kymmy has all ready finished mucking all the stalls and fed all the horses! On top of all she does, she rode her young horse Hayden beautifully today!

Benny, Melinda, Pam and I
With the help of Gracia, Cheryl Grifith, Kaitlin Slimak, Kymmy's friend Sara and the rest of us we had all the horses looking like a million dollars. I am so lucky to have all these fantastic people around me to be able to do what I do. With so many horses at the show, you need a really good team to not only get it done but also get it done well.

I am also very proud of Constantina and Amy Heron for placing fourth in the Materiale class at their very first Dressage at Devon.

Our friend and part-owner of Rosa and Hannah, Sara Reese came out yesterday and today to cheer us on. Sara has been a great supporter of Boyd and me for many years and we love having her around anytime she can join us.

Tomorrow we have another big day with the babies showing one more time in the morning and the performance show starting in the afternoon. Kymmy rides Hayden in the 4-year-old class and Markie in fourth level. I ride Di Solitaire in the 4-year-old class, Stately, Rosa and Duvent in fourth level .

We will keep you posted!!


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