Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pilot Error on 2nd Day of Performance Show at Dressage at Devon!

Yesterday at Dressage at Devon started well with Di Solitaire in the FEI 4-year-old class: Sully was much more relaxed and did a nice test. Of course he is very green and we have only known each other for a short takes time to develop a partnership with a new and especially a young horse. Sully scored 79% and placed 4th.

Kymmy and Hot Date had a very nice test and finished 6th in the 4-year-old class.

I was very impressed with the way Kymmy rode Markie today! She rode every single step from the entry to finish of the fourth level test. It was the best I have seen her ride and the test was mistake free. They scored 64.5% and finished sevens in a very competitive class .

Duvent was trying for me again in the fourth level; he was a little more tense than the day before but kept his concentration and listened to me. As I was going down the centerline I thought, "turn left at C". But for some strange reason I decided to turn right instead. As I turned I cringed and the bell rang! Since there is a judge at C and a judge at E , that was a very expensive mistake.
And of course the score came in and we finished SECOND by 0.1%!  Serves me right -- pilot error! That is NOT going to happen again!!!

Today we have Stately, Rosa, Duvent and Markie again.


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